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Emerald Zone are indie, high definition video game and anime reviews. We sometimes cover events and interview friendly people in the gaming industry when we are not entangled in the chaos of daily life and full-time employment. Who's "we" you say? Well, Emerald Zone was created by sister & brother combo Amy and Mark who don't believe in monetising their videos, Patreon pages or anything that would suggest turning EZN into a career over a hobby. As a result though, we don't get to make videos that often but when we do we aim to offer world-class unbiased content! We hope you enjoy what you see, and if you do, please let us know.


Catch our reviews on the EZN Youtube channel, but be warned, we have been very lazy recently...

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We're not really using Twitch anymore, but we keep it there just in case one day we decide to use it. Hey, we're honest!

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